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Tifana didn’t like politics. Neither did she like living in the palace, with its hidden intrigues, dramas and malevolent gossiping. In fact, she despised most of the culture and traditions that were forced upon her in Arinsetr, the capital of Loulais where she was born and raised.
If she could, she would spend most of her days in nature, listening to the melodies of bugs and the whisper of the elements.
So when a sudden early snowfall painted the hills in white, she couldn’t resist any longer. Her “Miniature Tome of Elemental Bending for Novices” as always tucked into a hidden pocket close by, she made her way to her favourite hidden spot, knowing that trouble awaits her once she’s back in the palace.

As the daughter of one of the most important men of Loulais, many things were expected of her. She was to be educated in history, politics, culture, court behaviour as well as in the High Magical Arts of emotional manipulation and enchantment. All of this to serve in court as a beautiful and educated puppet, helping influential men become even more influential. None included her interests or studying things that truly interested her, such as elemental and essential magic, which involved the manipulation of natural elements.
Those she had to study on her own and in hiding. Magical manipulation of natural elements was deemed as lower magic and mostly practised by the Ezlanura, which the Berezeath considered to be an uneducated, good for nothing bunch, tainting the noble name of the elves.